Cloud Computing in our Industry

A buzz word in today's business environment is Cloud Computing. It is a service that is provided by many tech firms including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. Public clouds are great to store documents, music, pictures, and email, but how can businesses benefit from this technology? Well, private clouds are used primarily by companies who are "looking for safety, reliability, and efficiency" (Kinsella 2014). For Pioneer, it allows us to store and share sensitive data between our team and our client. Transmitting confidential information across email can be very dangerous, so cloud computing and storage gives us a safe platform to share these documents. Also, storing data electronically on a server that has multi-user access means we are not tied down to a physical office and file cabinet. Intuit offers a broad suite of cloud-based products, as well, so we no longer need a server to host licensed software, and can now operate from anywhere that has internet. Below is a great article that outlines how this trend in the tech-industry has helped provide more value to our clients: